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Geraldine Stokes

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Getting off my butt

I think this little venture online is proving to me that I'm going to have to have start taking all of this a lot more seriously and put a lot more effort into it! I've spent the last few months getting completly debt free, so I no longer have any credit cards (from 3 with a 1000 dollar limit each) and my 750 dollar overdraft is now gone. (I'm going to be getting a new credit card, with my new British bank account hopefully).

But I haven't even arranged some new icons for this journal yet, (I already have afew for the journals I have around, but want to make a couple of new ones). And nothing has happened on my webpage to go with this journal etc yet. But I suppose if this makes me actually start actively sorting stuff out for my move to London a lot sooner than I would have otherwise I hope it means I'll better able to deal with stuff in the first few months I'm there.
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