Geraldine Stokes (nnhope) wrote,
Geraldine Stokes

First Post!

Seeing as I'm going to be adding communties etc to my friends list, I thought I better start off with a post. Espically I'm sure I'm going to come across some intertesting people along the way and add them as well :)

Anyway, I'm currently in the very early stages of moving to the UK - at the moment I'm thinking London, but that can change though I'm sure I'm going to be stayign there for at least a couple of months to begin with. I currently live in Wellington, New Zealand and have lived here since a month before my 18 birthday. (Which is over 12 years now :).

Apart from living in Auckland, with my parents, for about 16 years before that this is the longest I've spent in one place and I'm getting tired of Wellington. Not that I hate Wellington, or New Zealand for that matter, I'm just boried with living here. I've gotten to the point that I've been comparing things in Wellington, to how I remeber things being in London from my last visit there. (Mainly shops and the transport system admittly :)

I guess I've currently gotten a major case of itchy feet again and want to move on somewhere else. London being my favourite city out of the places I went in my last two overseas trips. I also have a grandfather who was born in England, so I can till easily get permant residence in the UK, unfortuntly I can't get a English passport until I've lived there for at least 5 years but still....

I guess I could say overall, that I want a change - I *need* a change.
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