Geraldine Stokes (nnhope) wrote,
Geraldine Stokes

Eddie Izzard and coins

On saturday i found out the dates and prices for Eddie Izzard's New Zealand shows, and the Wellington date works out perfectly for me! It's on the 12th of August 2003, which means I can go as I'm not planning on leaving for London until Jan/Feb of next year at the earliest. I've also managed to talk 2 of my friends into coming with me so far, which means I defintly won't have to risk not having anyone to go to it with :) Though I'm not entirly sure we'll get a large enough number of people to qualify for the group discount.

All of a sudden, I've been getting Britsh coins in change instead of New Zealand coins. Which is rather odd, but i'm taking as a good sign espically given the exchange rate. (One NZ dollar is worth between 2.70 and 3 pounds, depending on the exchange rate at the time). It isn't uncommon to accidently get a few Australian coins or a coin from one of the pacfic islands every now and then, but I've been an truely abnormal number of 1 pound coins recently. Seeing as I've been getting them instead of 1 dollar coins, I'm not going to complain as they're going to rather use in less than a years time :)
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